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At Riviera Recovery, we believe that wellness stems not just from correcting old behaviors, but from creating new and healthy lifestyle changes. We provide a community that encourages exploration and experiential learning with an impassioned and experienced staff on hand to guide clients toward a new world of freedom, independence and possibilities. With Malibu as the backdrop, we believe in empowering clients to pursue new passions that last a lifetime.


Riviera Recovery Sober Living only accepts a small number of residents at a time into our Malibu recovery center, which allows our staff to provide individual attention through addiction therapy counseling, activities, and case management. Our small number lends itself to a strong sense of community, often sparking lasting friendships that provide support long after life here at sober living is over.

Our recovery center residents can find serenity in our beautiful gardens, infrared sauna, or saltwater pool and spa. We also encourage residents to join us for activities such as yoga, Pilates, surfing and paddle boarding. Recognizing the importance of animal companionship, we are pet friendly. Each resident is provided with a private or semi-private suite, fully furnished with an LCD television and wireless internet.

Our knowledgeable staff members have years of experience and certification in the field of addiction treatment and recovery and have been residents of Malibu for over 30 years, providing an invaluable opportunity to connect with the local sober community and experience the best that Malibu has to offer. They can also recommend meetings that are best suited for each client, understanding that every person’s substance abuse treatment plan is highly individual.

Our staff is available 24/7 and will provide transportation to and from 12-step meetings, IOPs and for general errands. 

And, as a reminder of the fun and the beauty of a sober living lifestyle, optional house trips are offered, as well as group activities like softball, baseball games and concerts. Join us for some memorable trips including Big Bear, Big Sur, Jalama Beach and Joshua Tree.

Sober living at Riviera Recovery is designed to support your sobriety by creating a safe environment for you to explore a new sober lifestyle, allowing for lasting success.

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Riviera Recovery Staff

Arpine Varikyan
Arpine VarikyanProgram Director
Arpine has been involved in alcohol and addiction recovery for four years, starting as a tech and working her way up to managing facilities. Arpine received an MA in Forensic Psychology in 2013 and a second MA in social work in 2016. Through this experience and her studies, Arpine understands the psychological mindset of addiction and the steps and tools that are needed to change one’s life. Arpine also has experience in crisis intervention, suicidal idealization, substance abuse counseling, case management, dual-diagnosis. Arpine enjoys being a cheerleader as clients take the necessary steps to better themselves.

In her free time, Arpine enjoys being outdoors, rock climbing, hiking, yoga, and she recently picked up boxing.

Jose Hernandez
Jose HernandezAdmissions Coordinator, Owner
For 11 years, Jose has been involved in alcohol and addiction recovery, helping people succeed in overcoming substance abuse and regaining control of their lives. Jose has experience in all aspects of the recovery world, from facilitating entry into treatment as an intervention specialist to counseling and case management at rehabilitation facilities. Jose has worked one-on-one with individuals as a sober companion and with groups as a resident counselor at addiction treatment centers. He is certified by the California Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (CAADAC) to practice as a substance abuse counselor.

As director of Riviera Recovery, Jose helps clients continue their transition from the protected and supportive environment of a treatment center to living well and happily in the “real” world. The program he designed includes personalized treatment plans that enable all clients, including those with a single or dual diagnosed mental health disorder, to embrace a full and satisfying life.

Blythe Rifkin
Blythe RifkinRecovery Mentor
For the past five years Blythe has been involved in alcohol and addiction recovery, working as both a sober coach and as a mentor at Riviera. Blythe knows recovery well, having struggled with addiction for 15 years and currently has seven years sober. She is a member of al anon and AA and, as such, understands, and has compassion for, both addicts and families. Blythe is a Malibu/LA native and mother of two. Blythe’s passions are helping people learn how to enjoy a sober life, riding her horse Cody, practicing yoga, and she’s an avid biker.
Max Chesnoff
Max ChesnoffOperations Assistant
Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nev., Max Chesnoff grew up an accomplished tennis player competing at national championships across the U.S. At the age of 20, his love of music led him to pursue a DJ career at multiple nightclubs around Las Vegas. Since his move to California in 2015, Max has been working in treatment, helping others in recovery to accomplish their goals. He is currently looking forward to going back to school and studying nursing. In his free time, he enjoys extreme sports such as motocross, snowboarding and automotive racing.
Paul Hernandez
Paul HernandezRecovery Mentor
Paul grew up witnessing the destructive effects of drugs and alcohol on those around him and struggled himself with addiction for over 10 years. Thanks to a supportive network of family and friends, Paul is in recovery and able to give back to his community—showing others that, with work and determination, goals and dreams can be realized. A true Malibu local, Paul has a wife and son and enjoys surfing, hiking, skateboarding and photography.
Arthur Woods
Arthur WoodsRecovery Mentor
Arthur first came to Riviera Recovery as a client three years ago. Having regained his life, and a new passion for recovery, he went on to work at Riviera and is now a case manager. Arthur loves taking clients out surfing and enjoying the great outdoors.
Kate HernandezAdministrative Coordinator
Kate assists Riviera Recovery with its administrative needs. She holds degrees in communications and merchandise marketing and is bilingual in Spanish. Kate enjoys getting new clients involved in activities, such as hiking and volunteering. She also works with clients on resume building and interview/job skills. She is passionate about contributing to the recovery field in honor of her sister who passed away from an overdose in 2004.
Maxwell Corrodi
Maxwell CorrodiRecovery Mentor
Maxwell began his career 2012 as a Certified personal Trainer. Recognizing the need for fitness for those early in sobriety, Maxwell brought his passion for fitness into the recovery community. Maxwell believes in exercising the mind, body and spirit and that by investing in the body, the mind follows and success can be attained.

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