Dealing with addiction and looking for the best recovery center? Malibu has many options for drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, but not all offer the same level of care or luxury amenities. The key to successful recovery is finding the right fit. Many drug rehabilitation centers have a cold or clinical feel, which might make patients feel uncomfortable. Recovery is a very tumultuous time and a person is at their most fragile while in the early stages of recovery.  When in a sterile or unfamiliar environment, many patients can feel unsafe or ill at ease. These emotions are not conducive for successful addiction recovery. Riviera Recovery is a drug recovery center in Malibu, California that provides a safe, comfortable and luxurious atmosphere in which patients can work through their addictions and truly embrace sobriety.

Drug Recovery Center in Malibu California

If you are serious about recovering from your addiction in the long-term, a sober living facility is the most effective way to do it. Typical 12-step programs or therapy may work for some people, but serious addicts need 24/7 treatment. At Riviera Recovery, our Malibu sober living facility is a residential program that allows addicts to fully immerse themselves in the recovery process and effectively transition back into the “real world”. After the detoxification and rehabilitation process, one of the biggest roadblocks to healing is exposure to outside influences. Trying to create and maintain lasting recovery while still dealing with outside stresses, responsibilities and influences can be counter-productive and often these patients relapse. A sober living facility removes the addict from all of these outside factors, creating a safe and secure place where the only responsibility a patient has is to get well and focus solely on their recovery.

Luxury Sober Living

A sober living facility doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience. At Riviera Recovery, our luxury sober living program is designed to promote healing and recovery in a friendly, compassionate and holistic way. Riviera Recovery’s luxury sober living center is a transitional program that helps ease people into their new sober lives. During sober living, clients will be taught invaluable skills that will greatly increase the chances of maintaining a fulfilling sober life. Though it is less rigid than inpatient treatment, clients are held accountable for their sobriety and will be randomly drug tested and checked in each night and transportation to and from meetings will be provided. Though the luxury sober living center at Riviera Recovery offers incredible amenities – including private suites, housekeeping services, yoga, meditation, and gym memberships, pools, spas and sauna and wireless internet – there is serious work being done. Recovery support is accomplished through a combination of therapies, counseling and nutritional support. The root causes of addiction are explored and new patterns of thought and behavior are established. 

Riviera Recovery: High End Sober Living

Riviera Recovery’s high end sober living recovery center is located on over two acres of land in beautiful Malibu, California.  Situated on a lush 7,000 square foot facility, our Malibu sober living facility offers residents the skills and support they need to embrace long-term recovery and commit to a new, sober lifestyle.  In addition to our luxury amenities, we provide personalized treatment plans, medication supervision, weekly in-house meetings, transportation to and from 12-step meetings, optional sober companions and family coaching.