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How Do You Know You Are Ready

Although sober living dramatically increases the odds of anyone maintaining long term sobriety, you may be wondering if it’s the right choice for you at this stage in your life. Typically, people come to sober living immediately following inpatient treatment that they have undergone for at least 30 days. For these people, [...]

Learning How To Rediscover Yourself

After treatment, many people are left feeling unsatisfied and go back to their old way of living, even if they remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol. At Riviera Recovery, our goal is to help clients realize their potential and explore the other aspects of a happy and healthy sober lifestyle aside from abstinence. Proper nutrition [...]


Q: What is sober living? A: Sober living is a transitional program that helps ease people into their new sober lives. During sober living, clients will be taught invaluable skills that will drastically increase the chances of maintaining a fulfilling sober life. It is less rigid in structure than residential treatment. Clients will be randomly [...]