Of all the unique qualities of Riviera Recovery, which includes an unprecedented level of amenities and activities, none may be more important to lasting sobriety than our location. Here, close to the beach in Malibu, we have found that our residents become relaxed to the point where they are far more receptive to the concept of full recovery than in an inland location.

This belief isn’t speculation, it’s science. Multiple reputable studies have shown that spending time in close proximity to the ocean has numerous positive effects on health and well-being. One recent study by the University of Exeter in England showed that people who lived closer to the coast reported better health.

The study reported that, “Living near the coast may be associated with better health because the seaside environment reduces stress.” Another British study showed that people who took trips to the coast experienced more feelings of calmness and relaxation than those who visited urban parks or the countryside.

And in an article published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology in 2013, Dr. J. Aaron Hipp, noted that “Studies have shown that natural environments like beaches and waterfront parks offer more restorative benefits to people than gyms, entertainment venues and the built urban environment.”

The beach contains an abundance of negative ions which create positive feelings in humans. The science says that the introduction of negative ions into the bloodstream starts a chain of biochemical reactions that increase the mood-elevating chemical serotonin, which helps alleviate depression and stress, and increases energy.

If you or your loved one needs comprehensive addiction therapy monitored by an expert staff at an extremely healthy, positive location in Malibu, call Riviera Recovery today.

About Riviera Recovery Sober Living

Riviera Recovery Sober Living is located on over two acres in the calming serenity of Malibu, California. With hundreds of clients treated and over 80 years of combined staff experience, Riviera Recovery is one of the nation’s leading addiction treatment centers.

Riviera Recovery substance abuse treatment center accepts only a small number of addiction rehab residents at a time, which allows our staff to provide the individual attention and counseling that is a key to successful, lasting sobriety.

Our spacious sober living residence offers you or your loved one the chance to embark on a healthy and vibrant sober lifestyle with guidance from our highly qualified and experienced staff.

Among the many addiction issues we treat are:

Heroin addiction

Opiate addiction

Meth addiction

Alcohol addiction

Drug detox

And more…

The staff at Riviera Recovery will help you or your loved one take advantage of a strong drug addiction treatment program while we teach new skills to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. This new lifestyle includes healthy, rejuvenating practices such as diets rich in organic food, our private meditation room, far infrared sauna, our saltwater pool and spa, plus healthy exercise options such as yoga, Pilates, surfing, or paddle boarding.

For more information on how Riviera Recovery can help you or a loved one embrace a new life through lasting sobriety, or for a tour of our center, please call (866) 478-8799 or click here to send a confidential message.